Coleman Construction & Utilities Awarded Major Civils Project

Our Coleman Construction and Utilities Limited (CC&UL) team has secured, mobilised and commenced its largest civil engineering project to date in Lingfield, Surrey.

The 50 week project has a series of key milestones throughout and consists of two new items of work to deliver for Construction Site Manager Keith Sturmer and the rest of the skilled crew.

These are a new Trickle Filter and associated pipework, which is 30m in diameter and involves over 300m3 of concrete – which will be a single pour! A new Humus Tank is also a first for CC&UL and involves a complicated concrete structure built in a 20m hexagonal cofferdam over 6m deep!

The remaining scope of works for client CMDP – JV covers:
> Ferric Dosing Area with delivery bund.
> Tertiary Treatment Area similar to the recent successful Wingham project
> Tertiary pumping station 3.5m deep involving temporary works
> MCC including base and walls
> New generator base
> Fuel storage bund and base
> Several hundred metres of ductile iron pipework
> 10No electrical draw pits and over a 100m of associated ductwork
> Numerous hardstandings, footpaths, road extensions and landscaping

First up is the main challenge of the cofferdam installation for the Humus Tank – which includes hexagonal sheet piling temporary works installation over 6m deep.

Photo shows the teams mobilising and making good progress in the new Trickle Filter Area.