Civils and Construction Project Awarded in Battle, East Sussex

Coleman Construction and Utilities Limited has been awarded and is now delivering a civil engineering and construction project to complete an NEP P removal for Southern Water at a water treatment works (WTW) in Battle, East Sussex. Coleman’s collaborative sub-contract requirement for its esteemed client and Principal Contractor CMDP, covers the full turnkey delivery including site and construction management, stakeholder liaison, temporary works design, traffic management, materials, plant and machinery for the civil construction scope of works pertaining to groundworks, reinforced concrete works, formwork, rebar installation, ductwork and piping systems, roads, pathways and landscaping. The extensive scope of this project is listed below:

> General site works to include stripping of grass, scrub and topsoil from the construction area and stockpiling of all topsoil/subsoil required for reuse
> Identification of the position and level of all existing service crossings points, and any existing utilities or services requiring diversion
> Undertaking of additional WAC tests as necessary. Removal of surplus subsoil and other waste off-site
> Groundwater management
> New rectangular storm tank, integrated sump for storm return pumps, storm tank jet mixer, access road and access platforms with all associated pipework
> New inlet pumping station and discharge chamber.
> Additional side stream pipework from the inlet works to a chamber on the U/S of the PST distribution chamber.
> Relief pipework from PST no. 1, PST No. 2 and PST No. 3 launder channels
> New POA Flowmeter chamber
> Extension of existing filter no. 1 and 3 outlet channels to existing chamber
> New air blower kiosk for POA2
> Refurbishment as necessary to the existing tertiary feed pumping station due to pump replacement
> New rectangular Humus Tanks Flow Splitter chamber
> New 7.3m diameter radial flow Humus Tank with bridge scraper, scum removal system and automatic air lift auto de-sludge system
> 2No of moving bed sand filters including sand trap
> New compressor kiosk
> New Tertiary treatment LVA11 kiosk
> New Inlet works LVA12 kiosk
> Pipework connections as required into existing pipework including hot-tapping applications and pipework supports and pipe bridges
> Final site reinstatement – ground profiling, landscaping, top-soiling, and grass seeding in consultation with the Southern Water Ecologist and Environmentalist
> Decommissioning, decontamination and removal from site of redundant equipment as necessary
> Temporary lifting equipment, as may be required during installation

Construction works have commenced and are progressing well. We would like to thank Site Manager Terry Marchant and our delivery teams. Further updates will be provided as works progress over the coming months.